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29 Jan
Meet the 2018 Moderator

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18 Dec
Register today! 3.1.18 Academic Debates

ALF GLD Invites you to Register for the 2018 Academic Debates! March 1st, 2018, 5:30 PM Mid...

Register TODAY for the

Register TODAY for the 2018 Academic Debates on March 1st 2018 at the Mid America Club!

The 2018 topics include: 

Hepatitis C 

(University of Chicago v. Lutheran General Hospital) 

Needle exchange programs and the reduction of HCV transmission among injection drug users

PRO: Needle exchange programs should be instituted to reduce HCV transmission (University of Chicago) 

CON: Needle exchange programs should not be instituted to reduce HCV transmission (Lutheran General Hospital) 

Fatty Liver

(Loyola University v. Rush University)

Identifying the “Gold Standard” to evaluate fibrosis in patients with NAFLD

PRO: Non-invasive imaging has replaced biopsy as the “gold standard” (Loyola University)

CON: Biopsy remains the “gold standard” (Rush University) 

Liver Transplantation 

(University of Virginia v. Northwestern University) 

Waiting periods for transplanting patients with alcohol-induced liver disease

PRO: The abstinence period should be the same for all patients undergoing evaluation for transplant (University of Virginia) 

CON: The abstinence period should be determined on a case-by-case basis (Northwestern University) 

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