Chefs and Celebrities

Chefs and their restaurants are at the heart of our event. It is through their generosity and dedication that the American Liver Foundation is able to bring you this event. We are excited to present the following Chefs & Restaurants who are supporting our Cuisine for a Cause of Rhode Island:


Blount Fine Foods is a RI-based company which is growing and going strong, now into its fifth generation and always planning for the future!  Rooted in family, community and service to both, this mission-driven food manufacturer is known regionally as a source of the highest quality products available in the market, specializing in soups, ranging from the comfort of our famous Seafood Soups, including the best New England Clam Chowder you’ve ever had, to the exotic such as the delicious flavor explosion of Coconut-Lentil and the numerous tasty Organic options we offer like an amazing Vegetarian Chili, proving healthy doesn’t require the sacrifice of incredible taste.  Our chefs are continuously innovating and exploring endless possibilities, developing new exciting products daily!

In addition to national distribution, Blount Fine Foods is well-known as a generous philanthropic and environmentally-responsible business, recently named as “Best for Rhode Island” for its on-going contribution to our region, the land, the economy and, most importantly, its people.  Ours is a commitment to not just a quality workplace and product but a quality of Life which we deliver in every cup and decision we make, including supporting a wonderful cause like ALF.


Ken Jones, Executive Chef at Cozy Caterers in Warwick, RI has been the food industry for over 35 years. He first started his cooking career at The Concord Resort Hotel in Kissimmee, New York. All through his career Ken worked under James Beard Awarded Chefs and has over 25 years of being an Executive Chef working with The Boston Restaurant Group. Ken came to Cozy Caterers because catering the kitchen moves to different location every event. One day you could be cooking in a beautiful Victorian venue and the next event you will be on the beach.

Ken loves cooking American, New England style and Northern Italian flavors.

Hills Home Market

Celebrating 95 Years In Business!

Welcome to Hill’s Home Market! Established in 1924 as a family owned butcher shop in Milford, Massachusetts, the company pioneered the concept of home grocery and organic food delivery in the 1950’s as Hill Food Service. Today, Hill’s continues to thrive in a busy world where people are short on time yet not willing to compromise on quality when it comes to feeding their family!

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