Lincoln Tech Culinary Institute

Lincoln Culinary Institute, a division of Lincoln Technical Institute

Edward Petraiuolo, Jr. Volunteers of the Year

From left to right; Chef Michael Johnson, Chef John Benedicto, Chef Nick Green, Chef Ken Ayvazian,Program Manager Chef Ted Redos, Chef Maureen Choate and Chef William Paternoster.

Lincoln Culinary Institute of Shelton is a division of Lincoln Educational Services Corporation. Lincoln Educational Services is a leading provider of diversified career-oriented post-secondary education since its inception in 1946. Lincoln offers recent high school graduates and working adults in career-oriented programs. Lincoln Culinary Institute trains in two key areas; Culinary Arts & Food Services, and International Baking & Pastry. Our instructors are hand-selected and focus on a “hands-on” teaching method. The dedicated Chef Instructors help our students utilize their passion and teach them the techniques needed to be successful in their new careers.

The students of Lincoln Culinary Institute first got involved with the American Liver Foundation and the Flavors of Connecticut event in 2017, when they had students come and volunteer their skills and talents to assist some of participating chefs. Our involvement starting, from there and has grown year after year.  More and more students have gotten involved with the event and this year we participated by hosting a table of our own. Our table service was made up of our talented students, and staff, all of whom showcased a signature course for the event. Lincoln Culinary Institute strongly believes in giving back to the community. Getting involved in events such as Flavors allows us to do just that, we look forward to supporting ALF for many years to come.

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