Honorary Commitee

ALF National Legacy Gala

Honorary Committee

Honorary Committee Co-Chairs

Bakari and Ellen Sellers

Bakari Sellers

CNN Political Analyst, Attorney, Activist

Pediatric liver disease advocates and parents of Sadie Sellers,  Liver Transplant recipient

“As parents of an infant born with a life-threatening pediatric liver disease, it is our goal to raise awareness and inspire giving for the prevention, treatment and cures of all liver diseases. Thank you to these committee member below who are leading the way!”

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Ellen Rucker Sellers

Co-Owner, Rucker Roots

Please join us in recognizing the extraordinary generosity of these Honorary Committee members who continue to provide exemplary leadership and financial support to the American Liver Foundation.

Jay Beyer-Kropunske

Robert & Sarah Brown

Rotonya M. Carr, MD, FACP

Michael Braunstein and Elizabeth Crawford

Gene Cautillo, PhD

Mr. Richard M. Colton

Nick and Sandra DeRoma

Douglas Dietrich, MD

Allan J. Doerr

Anne Chapski Doyen and Michael C. Doyen

T. Clark Gamblin, MD, MS, MBA








Sanjeev and Neena Gupta

Blaine Hollinger, MD

Donald M. Jensen, MD, FAASLD

Susie and Michael Kerr

Brad and Alisha Mavis

Mid-America Transplant

Marjie and Tom Nealon

Nadia Ovchinsky, MD, MBA

Gina and Robert Pollichino

Nancy Reau and Rajeev Puri

Shirley & Seymour Rubin

Linda M. Schreiner








Bakari & Ellen Sellers

Coleman Smith, MD, FAASLD

Lorraine & Chris Stiehl

Susan and Joseph Stone

Mario Strazzabosco MD, PhD

Tamar Taddei, MD

Caroline and Emmanuel Thomas

Wendy and Hillel Tobias MDs

Renu Umashanker MD FACG

Dan and Liz Weil

Rockford G. Yapp, MD, MPH