Fatty Liver Disease

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Can Ozempic or Wegovy Help Your Liver Lose Weight, Too?

Authors: Mohammed Ashraf Abourahma, MD Loyola University Health Systems

What is the relationship between obesity, diabetes and fatty liver

Authors: Zubia Afzal, MD King Edward Medical University

Keeping Your Liver Healthy: How to Diagnose MASLD & MASH

Authors: Ushna J. Awan, MD Montefiore Medical Center

Explain what the results of liver enzyme, cholesterol and triglyceride scores and how they relate to NASH/NAFLD

Authors: Vinay Jahagardir, MD, Kaanthi Rama, MD, University of Missouri Kansas City

Exercise/Physical activity and Metabolic Dysfunction Associated Steatohepatitis (MASH)

Authors: Muhammad Adnan Khan, MD Montefiore Wakefield Medical Center

How Can Nutrition Aid Your Liver Health?

Authors: Muyi Li, MD University of Washington

I Have Fatty Liver Disease, What's Next? Knowledge is Power: Improving Health Literacy

Authors: Ramya Radhakrishnan, MD Boston University Medical Center

When alcohol meets NASH, a new pandemic

Authors: Caleb Rashidian, DO Prisma Health, USC Greenville

“What factors determine the need for transplantation for a NAFLD patient”

Authors: Christine Son, MD Loyola University Medical Center

The progression of fatty liver disease

Authors: Jena Veji-Ibrahim, MD, MSc Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital