Video Recording Tips

Your Phone is Best

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone they have excellent cameras, so if you’re able, use a smartphone

Landscape is Great

Turn your camera 90 degrees to record in landscape mode. Make sure you can position phone/camera so that it’s close to eye-level.

Use the Lens

If you’re using the selfie camera it’s generally dead center at the top of your phone. If you’re using the rear camera there may be more than one, ask your friend to let you know which one you should be looking into. And don’t forget to pretend you’re speaking with us directly. If it helps, imagine you’re talking to all of us, or even better, a close friend.

Check Your Light Source

Natural light tends to have a warmer “feel” than many artificial light sources, but make sure the sun is NOT in your eyes. If it’s nighttime, look for a light source that’s diffuse (a lamp with a shade ideally -ideally not florescent blue light). Position it behind your phone so that your face is illuminated without shadows and glare. If the light source is too bright, consider using a scarf or some sort of thin fabric to soften it but make sure that fabric isn’t adding a color to your face. Most importantly try not to be backlit (have a bright light behind you) as you’ll appear as a shadow and the image will be difficult to use.

Plan and Practice

It can be helpful to write out what you’d like to say in outline form, bullet points, or on cards. Practice out loud a few times, you can even record and watch yourself if that helps. BUT be mindful that the best video of you is going to be the one where you’re connecting with us through the camera not the one where you’re reading off a script or trying to remember your outline. We want to feel like you’re speaking directly to us.